Brightway Goes ‘All In’ on unbiased agents, Unveils No-charge path to company possession

On the heels of celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Jacksonville, Fla.-primarily based Brightway coverage, a national acreageblow assurance retailer promoting through a network of franchised independent agencies, has apparent a no-upfront cost program for impartial coverage brokers that presents a course to possession of their personal Brightway agency. 

It additionally presents a way for present impartial brokers to develop and commence extra areas.

anecdotic it as “activity all in” on the independent insurance company approach at a time back some are questioning its future, Brightway assurance Co-architect & CEO Michael Miller said the new distribution mannequin is advised for brokers who’ve dreamed of being their personal boss and possessing their own company but don’t accept the fiscal components to get there.

“we’re one hundred percent committed to the independent abettor channel,” Miller referred to. “We’re making a bet everything that there are dazzling people who assignment in assurance today who would love to construct their own enterprise, be their own boss and accept a company like Brightway help them … and we’re excited to do it.”

we are making a application that helps people who would want to finally be a authorization and personal their personal enterprise, but won’t have the funds nowadays. Michael Miller

the new commission-based abettor program, called “unbiased agent,” gives skilled propertycasualty assurance producers entry to the Brightway device, which offers its agency owners materials and assist to run their company, to inaugurate promoting coverage while concurrently qualifying for authorization possession. the new model is distinct from Brightway’s present franchise equipment since it works as a 5050 commission share model the place brokers have no upfront prices and can originate profiting immediately, Miller said.

below Brightway’s present business mannequin, launched via Miller and his brother David again in 2008, people with out insurance experience may also be selected by means of the enterprise to originate a Brightway company and use the company’s expertise and guide services to run their enterprise. people pay a $60,000 preliminary fee to purchase their agency authorization, which requires them to operate a retail location with at the very least three workforce. Retail shops tackle the day after day operations, together with quoting, bounden and customer interactions, and the central Brightway assurance workplace handles the provider relationships, customer carrier, marketing, accounting and expertise.

How the brand new software Works

The impartial agent mannequin presents a “first step” in opposition t fitting a Brightway authorization for skilled own traces earnings people, Miller said. agents can do enterprise out of a house workplace or different vicinity while not having to make use of a personnel. afterwards one year – or sooner if agents meet the Brightway revenue desires – they authorize for a fully financed, reduce-cost entry payment of $30,000 into Brightway’s new “workplace place” franchise model the place businesses operate in knowledgeable workplace area with groups of up to 2 people.

This new franchise model differs from Brightway’s present model that requires agency owners be found in a retail space the place they could build colossal revenue teams, and diminishes the present mannequin up-entrance authorization payment of $60,000 in addition to advancing operating expenses.

“I feel about these alternate options as opening doorways to the Brightway device. in response to your heritage and goals, that you could choose any aperture you love—impartial abettor or a franchise discovered either in an workplace house or a retail vicinity—and grow in the course you want,” Miller noted.